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Do you think that looking for friends, make personal relationships or seeking love with people is difficult, requires too much time, luck or money?, Of course not, to find and meet that special someone, you do not need any of this. Guayu is an online dating site where you can find love, build a friendship or a relationship. Founded in 2006, we are pioneers in webpages to meet singles through online dating. In recent years we have helped thousands of men and woman to find love. In Guayu is so easy to find friends, simply create your profile, send your photos, do a search so you can make contacts by email or by chatting.

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The difference between Guayu and other online dating sites, where you can find love, find friends among a group of guys and girls consist on that we offer a site which is friendly, efficient, simple and absolutely free. We understand that you want to find a group of friends, love, relationships, or the kind of people you would like to know, for that reason, we are willing to give our best to make the time you spent on our site enjoyable and successful. You can find thousands of friends for free in no time and get to build relationships and love you have always dreamed of.

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Our goal is to help you find friends or love for free and any of them to get to build a friendship or a relationship. We are constantly improving our services to ensure the complete satisfaction of thousands of men and women who are part of our website.

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Finding friends or finding love is easy. You only have to fill out your profile and be prepared to get dating and we guarantee that you will find the person that is waiting. On our site you can find thousands of guys and girls like you with the same interests and hobbies to make friends through chat or email 100% free.

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Browse the site for a few minutes, check out it environment, learn how it works and get ready to meet with the guys or girl of your dreams or to find people with whom to share many experiences. After taking a look at Guayu, you believe that we can help you find love, then it's time you register.

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Your registration gives you the ability to:

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This is where everything really begins, use our search to view only the profiles according to your preferences, reducing the time and facilitate the process of finding friends or find love for free, contact by email or chat, waiting for the response to the message and start enjoying the best dating web site.


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