Terms and conditions of use

By registering, you affirm to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use and the privacy policy described in the Spanish version (Términos de uso), applicable to the use of the service provided by Guayu.com, the terms and conditions described below are an automatic translation in English, the sole purpose of which is to make it easier for our English-speaking users to read.

  1. The service provided by Guayu.com is only available to those people who can accept legal contracts in accordance with current law. Guayu.com, reserves the right to terminate your association agreement for any reason.
  2. You are solely responsible for any information provided by you and for all your communications with other users.
  3. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your behavior with other users is in accordance with current law.
  4. You will not harass other users by trying to continue communication with someone who does not want to communicate with you.
  5. You must not use our service to send, share or post sexual, obscene, offensive, inappropriate, defamatory, libelous, intimidating or harassing content. Guayu.com will not be responsible for any information or material sent, shared or post through this service.
  6. Guayu.com acts passively as a means of distribution and publication of your information on the Internet, so it will not do so, nor will it be able to monitor or control the use of our service by users. Therefore, you must agree and accept full responsibility for the legality of all your actions in accordance with the laws in force. Guayu.com is not responsible for the illegality of user actions.
  7. Guayu.com will not do it and will not be able to monitor or control the communications and activities between the users of our service, so in case of having a conflict with another user, you will exempt Guayu.com from any claim, demand or Damage of any kind or nature that results from or is related in any way to the specific conflict.
  8. If you do not comply with the applicable law or any other clause of this agreement, you will not hold Guayu.com responsible in any way and will completely release Guayu.com from the lawsuits, legal actions and procedures that could be taken against Guayu.com.
  9. Guayu.com reserves the right, without limitation, to publish, delete or hide information from your profile, suspend or terminate the service with or without your knowledge. Guayu.com will have no obligation to you and you waive all rights that you may have had if the service is suspended or terminated for any reason.
  10. Guayu.com reserves the right to establish and / or modify the terms and conditions at any time. All users will be subject to the terms and conditions mentioned from that moment on.
  11. If you make any requirement, action, procedure, claim and / or demand against Guayu.com in accordance with the law and do not notify Guayu.com within 4 weeks, you must exempt Guayu.com from any requirement, action, procedure, claim and / or demand that you have presented.
  12. If Guayu.com cannot, for any reason, act on an infringement on your part related to this Agreement, it does not exclude our right to act on subsequent or similar infringements.
  13. In no case will any user be authorized to breach the rules established in this agreement.
  14. This agreement will be used and interpreted in accordance with Colombian laws. All users submit without exception to the provisions of these laws.

Privacy Policy

  1. Providers, including Google, use cookies to show relevant ads based on a user's previous visits to their website or other websites.
  2. The use of advertising cookies allows Google and its partners to display ads based on the visits made by users to their websites or other websites on the Internet.
  3. Users can disable personalized advertising. To do this, they must go to Ads Preferences.

Be aware that there are several risks when interacting with Internet users. Guayu.com cannot guarantee that each user is who they say they are. Therefore, you must be careful when interacting with other users.