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Single man, 57, United States, New York, New York. I am divorced. i am a very open minded person. I am looking for a honest and open minded woman for a long-term relationship.
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Single man, 54, United States, Florida, Miami. What are you looking for? describe in detail the type of relationship you"re seeking, whether it"s online dating, meeting singles, a serious relationship, friendship, or another type. specify if you"re looking for men or women and mention your preferences regarding age, physical appearance, interests, and other important characteristics. R what are you looking for? describe in detail the type of relationship you"re seeking, whether it"s online dating, meeting singles, a serious relationship, friendship, or another type. specify if you"re looking for men or women and mention your preferences regarding age, physical appearance, interests, and other important characteristics.
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Single man, 60, United States, California, San Jose. I'm a laid-back, kind-hearted, and dedicated individual. i have a passion for exploring new places and immersing myself in diverse cultures. Seeking my soulmate, someone with a great sense of humor and admirable character.
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Single man, 41, United States, Florida, Pembroke Pines. Down to earth, easy going and enjoy life with all the experiences it brings. Not necessarily looking for a relationship, just meeting new people and having a great time.
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Single man, 32, United States, Florida. Swimming , play soccer, walk at the park , like to walk in the beach specially during the sunset. Friendship and something else like things in common, physically and emotionally.
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Single man, 35, United States, Arizona, Phoenix. I love girls they like to hang out and they’re down. A good woman, a beautiful woman, and a woman that she likes what i like to do so we could be the same page both of us.
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Single man, 51, United States, Michigan, Detroit. I"m russell rosignol, and i"m happy to join here as my good friend and co-worker mitchell referred me here. he found his lover here and i"m glad to say his lover very beautiful and well behaved characters, i"m amazed and convinced to join here, and i hope i"m find someone loving and next to my heart. i"m a pass man, and i would say ""if love were flowers, then let me be your rose please"" because to love is a privilege but to love and be loved is a blessing. let"s make reality lovelies ✨❤️. I wish to find a sincere and trusting love, a love we can both confide in each other, and as well i don"t like negative vibes, it pays to be positive with love, peace and unity honey❤️ and god will help us as we builds our home gradually and amen🫂🙏🏽 dios sabe mejor.
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Single man, 40, United States, New York, New York. Hardworking single man. love cooking!. Looking for a woman to start a family.
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Single man, 30, Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Duisburg. Single , 1:84 cm , football and other sports , great chef. Friends and something more, a nice lady to spent meaingful time.
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Single man, 49, United States, Iowa, Newton. I\"m a former us marine so yes i can be a lot to deal with. i\"m dirty minded and perverted as hell. i also like to go fishing camping play video games and rc cars. i\"m also sarcastic and i\"m a smartass lot of people say they\"re 100 all the way well that don\"t do it for me i\"m semper fi do or die to the day i die. what can i say to marine thing you probably wouldn\"t understand lol. When besides looking for trouble like most marines do i\"m kind of i\"m looking for someone when i can deal with have fun with and see this where things can go if they go any further or not eventually would definitely like to have a long-term relationship with someone but no rush.
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Single man, 56, Estados Unidos, Connecticut, Hartford. Am an easygoing person who is down to earth and love to smile always. Am looking for a good woman to spend my life time with.
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Single man, 43, United States, North Carolina, Sylva. Looking for.....????.
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Single man, 44, United States, Michigan, Detroit. Am friendly and strightforwared. A very kind person easygoing a very kind person easygoing.
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Single man, 36, United States, Oklahoma, Gore. Fun out going living life to the fullest...i\"m divorced 4 kids looking for a lovely woman. Serious relationship friends...i"m looking for a down to earth woman who out going and down to earth.
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Single man, 45, Canada. A polite and humble person. Looking for a humble person that can result in a good relationship.
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Single man, 32, United States, Florida, New Port Richey. Im sporty, like movies music, beaches, animals, horror movies and action. A caring loyal honest woman who is good to be around.
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Single man, 21, United States, Florida, Miami. Am rickflame and am free to talk to anyone. Hi am rickflame and am here for serious relationship.
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Single man, 43, United States, Alabama, Huntsville. Looking for a smile. Looking for a smile.
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Single man, 56, United Kingdom, England, Manchester. Easy going a bit sarcastic humor. i like travelling,exploring but also cooking and family and cody nights in. i am very tactile i am 1.80 mtr high ,brown eyes broad build shaven head few white hairs on my goattie beard. i like sports but don"t follow any on tv . my daughters are grown up so i am finding i have more time for myself. I am looking for open minded female for friend maybe more.
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Single man, 62, United States, California, Los Angeles. I am an adventurous,” “ambitious,” “intelligent,” “caring,” & “charismatic. I need a honest woman, caring, loving and faithful because am also a faithful man, i don’t like cheaters.
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Man, 41, Canada, New Brunswick. Athletic body, like going on trips specially to the south. Looking to get to know people, woman ,i like texting âge it doesn’t matter . i love to be respect and vise versa. i am very humble and a hard working man. looking to meet someone to talk and then we’ll see what will happen.
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Single man, 26, United States, Texas. I am looking for a girl who will love and accept me for who i am, and who i can share a meaningful, long-term relationship and hopefully, marriage with. I am looking for my soulmate and am hoping to find her on this dating site.
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Single man, 53, Switzerland, St. Gallen, Rapperswil-Jona. I am cosmopolitsn, open-minded man with style and niveau. i"m very friendly and caring. i know how to love and how to show my love. i love a good atmosphere at home and i know how to create coziness both in the house and in my husband"s life. my biggest passion in life is travelling. traveling gives me new experiences, meeting new people, seeing new places and learning new things that i will never experience if i just stay in my own home. i also enjoy spending time with my family and friend. Looking for my soulmate. i am fed up from being alone and i am looking for a partner to share, care, love and mutual support.
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Single man, 34, Pakistan. Single not too bad. Serious relationship.