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Single man, 34, Algeria, Djelfa Province, Djelfa. Emotional and friendly. Looking for a wife.
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Single man, 37, Algeria. .l"aventure et je pratique le sport musculation. écouter de la musique,.. calme. beau. j"adore tourism .sérieux romantique. Sérieux...l"amour réel woman from 25 .to. 55 years old for friendship.
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Single man, 46, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. Nada que decir por el momento, salvo que soy un hombre sencillo, tierno, sensual, amante, deportivo, naturaleza, viaje ... Deseo conocer a una mujer solitaria como yo y compartirme todos hablando árabe francés inglés español.
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Single man, 31, Algeria. I am normal serieus person , who only need feel in love with srieus woman. Serieus woman and smart.
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Single man, 39, Algeria. A great plaesure. Find me...
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Single man, 23, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. I just want a girlfriend :).
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Single man, 21, Algeria. No pierdas la esperanza, hay un instinto esperándote.
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Single man, 38, Algeria. What i can say about me , juste a simple man who love live live on all corners , search friends around the world ....i like travel is my desire. I look to meet people , around the world , exchange everythings is possible.
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Single man, 25, Algeria. I am an easy going calm and quiet person, i am very clean and i like the occasional hiking trips. I am looking for that one in a million woman, who"s truly kindhearted and gentle.