Men in Philippines looking for love

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Single man, 65, Philippines. I am just a widow simple man with honesty and love. I am looking for a lifetime partner as simple as i am.
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Single man, 26, Philippines. About me i"m just a simple guy. i love music especially slow rock. my favorite band is michael learns to rock. and the one direction. i love singing especially love songs. i also love playing basketball. and hiking is my ultimate bonding with nature activity.that"s why i studied forestry. I love a girl who will accept me. a girl that is funny. a girl who can sing . a girl that i can rely on. and i don"t how old are they as long as were okay then go. and a girl who can do funny things. i like also a girl who do many things. a girl that love nature. and a girl who can support each other needs.
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Single man, 28, Philippines, Metro Manila, Manila. Im good and loyal specially easy to fall in love and i like singing and playing guitar specially to girls. Im looking for a beatiful sexy and can give up all for me and even if im far she can go for me i like girl with a beautiful eyes and big booty.
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Single man, 30, Philippines. I love books, movies, sports, foods (ofcourse) and etc... and i"m a college grad from philippines that looking for a friendship *beautiful eyes*. Looking for friendship or whatsoever. uhmmmm, depends on how could we build a good friendship nor a relationship. i promise, i"ll be the best *wink.
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Single man, 26, Philippines. I am a handsome man looking for a love of my life. Pretty, nice and understanding, loving, caring and should understand my situation in life.