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Single man, 33, Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Cairo. I"m an active person with fighter spirit that push me for every adventure as i"m not aiming to win all the time sometimes i accept lose as cost of my learning my mistakes. as i need in this time of my life to. Look for ambitious women that she able to push me forward by her smile and beauty words that creates an positive energy filed which can put a power between my hands to change everything fo better steps only for her.
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Man, 28, Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Cairo. Nothing to say for you just simple man looking for new people. Simple open minded married or single women simple pretty sexy.
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Single man, 32, Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Cairo. I love to ride a bike,watch movies,read some novels and sometimes cook i"m a simple person who wants to be good:). Simple person, wants to talk about alot of things like music and movies:).
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Single man, 28, Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Cairo. not looking for too much im just looking for good girl no matter where she from and now matter how old is she what matters for me is how she is and what she knows about relationships and she should be good person i like romantic girls and i would love to find a strong character of her .