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Man, 46, United States, New York, Kings County. I am a sincere homely man, faithful, romantic, passionate, affectionate, attentive, respectful, i do not like lies, i never look at his body, if not at his feelings, that is where your true beauty is, i want a serious relationship, i am very loving, humble, thoughtful, when i agree to be with someone took things very seriously if you think there is a connection between us and you feel that i am that person do not hesitate to talk to me i will be waiting for you. soy de puerto rico mi princesa. I am looking for a woman who wants a serious relationship, who has beautiful qualities and who wants to form a nice home, affectionate and very faithful, regardless of age, race or color, who has nice feelings and availability to want to be happy, i have not been intimate with anyone for 5 years and i want to form a beautiful home within a pure, tender and sincere relationship based on love, that is not afraid to fight together in good and bad times. i will be here waiting for that person.
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Single man, 50, United States, New York, New York. I am interested in outdoor activities, being around people, traveling and living a healthy life. The person i"m looking for should be a good communicator. she must be kind, humanistic, intelligent and motivated. someone who leads a healthy lifestyle wouldn"t hurt either. :).
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Single man, 36, United States, New York, New York. I am decent and will like to meet someone nice here. I am decent and will like to meet someone nice here.
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Single man, 25, United States, New York, New York. Trade pics talk and meet attractive new people hmu don"t be afraid to ask questions.
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Single man, 37, United States, New York, Amsterdam. Looking for my soulmate. someone who can make me smile and someone i can make .smile. Has to be able to accept me at my worst to receive me at my best. someone who isn"t just looking to accuse me of cheating been with one of those and obviously it didn"t work out.
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Single man, 23, United States, New York, Rochester. I"m a major gamer, dragon ball z, final fantasy, kingdom hearts. I want someone who will love me for who i am, without them judging me.
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Single man, 58, United States, New York, Buffalo. I see myself as a good and loving person. She should be loving.
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Single man, 26, United States, New York, New York. Love to laugh and love. Someone to love, care for and be with.
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Single man, 26, United States, New York, New York. I do not speak english fluently but i want you to teach it my mother tongue is arabic look for a woman who is fun and loves to laugh and travel i love middle eastern food processing and adventure i like to brush the hair of girls that"s all and i"ll tell you more. Looking for woman for dating, friendship i am looking for someone who will complete my life as a fun woman you love to travel and love to travel come to visit my country i will be hospitality and cared for them to the extreme with the experience of visiting the city of petra and the dead sea the lowest area in the world i will tour wadi rum where the experience of bedouin life great experience for desert scenery.
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Single man, 61, United States, New York, New York. i"m a kind hearted man and humble with a good heart and with the values of human life because it"s good to know and respect others as oneself. my friends and those close to me never have to question whether the words i say are sincere. i am supportive and caring and have a loyal and tolerant character, very humble, honest, understanding and truthful. i"m a very passionate, physical person that would want the same in a mate, deeply romantic, optimistic, hopeful, wise, & smat. I am looking for someone to share special moments and love unconditionally. i am looking for someone who has the same positive outlook on life for friendship and for a wife.
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Single man, 28, United States, New York. I am a good person. i am looking for a friendship or i don"t know maybe something more i would like white girls are very pretty je. I would like white girls ,, funny , happy ,, pretty of course .. and that have a cute smile je.
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Single man, 24, United States, New York. I"m a bit introverted. i took a personality test online and i"m an intj. i have many hobbies, i like debating things ( in a rational sense). i like anime, and drawing. i exercise a lot, and i like reading and writing. I would like someone who is open minded. someone who i can relax with and just talk to. someone who i can get to know and fall in love with. someone who wants to get to know me for who i am, and who decides that they like that person.
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Single man, 28, United States, New York, New York. My name is moe shak. i have two amazing cats. am loving. patient. humble about everything i gone through. and realize that i am very about everything i gone through a lot and know people very well. i want to inspire people. am looking for a partner. someone that will stick by me. Someone who is understanding,loving, someone who cares. supports and cares in life. easy to talk to. independent, but not too independent. want to know the person, before anything.