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Single man, 49, United States, Texas, San Antonio. You can fake a smile they say, but i believe never for the right person. I"m a believer of all that is good in everyone, even in you.
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Single man, 34, United States, Texas, San Antonio. Some of my hobbies and interests are: i just got into audible so books are pretty cool to listen to. the gym is very important to me as my profession is not very active. i also enjoy playing video games which require me to do critical problem solving. it keep me on my toes when the clock is ticking and my opponent is of equal or greater skill. I"m looking for someone how is consistent and predictable. i"m really big on routines because i find that it"s one of the best ways to keep heading towards a goal (express style) i"m very transparent so don"t feel like you can"t ask me questions. i"m always looking for new ways to improve myself so insight is much appreciated.
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Single man, 56, United States, Texas, San Antonio. Someone looking for friends with benefits. lives close bye in san antonio texas.