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Single man, 29, Egypt. I am very passionate in finding problems in codes and report it , i love travel in free time all the time i love shopping also i love my country but i wanna meet new people from other country"s and make new friends. Dating and wanna meet new people from other country"s and make new friends.
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Single man, 27, Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Cairo. Don"t think too much, make your life tolerant and love. I want a girl who loves life for love, marriage and friendship.
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Single man, 42, Egypt. I spent sometimes with nature... to remind me of all these are real! it"s funny how silence speaks sometimes when you are alone.. and remember that you feel !. Lovely,beautiful,love life,like to have friends,looking for love and fun.. i am undetstandable and easy going.. hope i can travel abroad.
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Single man, 30, Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Cairo. I"m an active person with fighter spirit that push me for every adventure as i"m not aiming to win all the time sometimes i accept lose as cost of my learning my mistakes. as i need in this time of my life to. Look for ambitious women that she able to push me forward by her smile and beauty words that creates an positive energy filed which can put a power between my hands to change everything fo better steps only for her.
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Single man, 27, Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Cairo. Dreamer man love the fun want to be business man. Crazy beautiful traveler love to do anything anytime to be loyal.
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Single man, 24, Egypt. I admire fashion & beauty, i always try my best to look good and i work hard for it. Have a girlfriend whom i can talk to about anything related to her & my life as if i"m talking to myself get close and you"ll like me ^_^.
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Single man, 21, Egypt. A 21 years old junior petroleum engineer that look for adventure but also like calmness. Looking for available singles that can be a good match for me.
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