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Single man, 51, India, Delhi, New Delhi. I"m a single man myself i am a architect interior design. Finding a wonderful life time ❤️i love you too always good songs.
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Single man, 26, India, Delhi, New Delhi. I"m kimd of introvert at the starting but once i"m comfortable i"m like a open book. i"m an hr by profession and i love my work. besides that i"m a fond of travelling and reading. foodie person as well. Looking for a woman who"s caring and loving. looking for a serious relationship with future in mind.
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Single man, 21, India, Delhi. Hiii dear friend i want to make sure r from etawcont you are looking smart. O bollo je aami kor bou ke niye group se bahar.
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Single man, 18, India, Punjab, Fazilka. I want to be a relationship. i am dev.adjw5wa09at jamam56 am. jjma5.3ta dam. My name is dev. my whatsapp 07717623362. mad dam.w wad.d jm.damjw.d maw.wtmadtw8wam jmaw.
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Single man, 28, India, Chandigarh, Chandigarh. I always caring for those who are very close to me and my frienfs as well. sometime i feel so happy when i meet with new people and make them my friends. Hi i am here to find a intrsting friend and i love to meet with new and make friends who are very caring for friends and partener.
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Single man, 20, India. I am a good listener and i like to listen to people and ease their worries. i like women who are career oriented and passionate towards something in life - be it whatever, if may be. Find dates and meet women who is compatible with me.
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Single man, 21, India. Hi..the sweetest character a boy can have! i can say i"m very passionate, emotional and sensitive. i can explode fast but at the same time i move on easily. i like to make people smile and happy, i"m a good listener and support. i like to laugh. i"m pretty active. but if i"m tired sometimes i enjoy a quiet evening. in general i like to have a positive view on the world. i"m looking for a serious relationship, with the possibility of creating a family. so i want a family-oriented girl, who is don. I"m waiting for your reply please write 📝 me
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Single man, 32, India, Delhi. Love sexy body bhu jhg jhghm jjhgk hufiije jhgjjs big uuj2hhhjwhihaj. Delhi love vhgfjg high hin bjhjkjjuj bhb jghjjiiooshkjhhujebb with w hhshw.
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Single man, 20, India. Always thinking. more practical. good company always welcome in here. Find a girl for a some really fun thoughts and deep friendship.
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Single man, 28, India, Uttar Pradesh, Agra. Debo amar. Girl and woman muy buenos amigos buscando.looking for cute and beautiful girl who "s also interested in relationship.
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Single man, 18, India, Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam. All people calls me all rounder and slowly u will also come to know. To search my soul mate and to live life long with her.
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