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Single man, 35, United States, Missouri, St. Louis. Hello my name is michael , i"m here for one reason only that"s to find someone that"s interested in a serious relationship or flat out marriage. i have been single for over 8yrs i thought i found the right woman she proved me wrong. i"m very happy and proud to say that i"m a black man that"s crazy about interracial relationships , marriages and having biracial children. i"m a capricorn born in december and for those of you that don"t know this capricorns are very freaky. i"m ready for marriage. I am looking for a beautiful woman that"s another race or mixed race , i absolutely love short women between 4"11 to 5"6 , i love women that are petite or slim , i love women that have eyes that are blue green hazel gray and brown , i love women that are very freaky. i love girls that are asian korean japanese thailand filipino cambodian mexican belizean latina puerto rican australian canadian ukrainian hawaiian dominican panamanian pacific islander. i"m not attracted to plus size girls sorry.
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Single man, 20, United States, Missouri, Kansas City. I am really smart creative i like to do outdoor stuff. Find a wife and make a family and find a relationship.
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Single man, 55, United States, Missouri, Springfield. I work hard and play harder. love hanging out with friends or cuddling up and watching a thunderstorm. i"m an old fashioned guy...hold the door for you & put you on a pedestal...just high enough to peek up your skirt! haha!. Someone who knows how to have fun and still be responsible. or, someone with the perfect tumblr account. let your halo tilt every now and then girls. 😉.
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Single man, 50, United States, Missouri, Saint Charles. I like to chill with close friends. i gravitate toward females and love massages giving and receiving. I am looking for a confident and independent woman who knows who she is and what she.wants.
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Single man, 42, United States, Missouri, Kansas City. A vary rare breed of amzing features and knowleged.
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Single man, 28, United States, Missouri. 6" tall brown eyes i want to get the attention of a girl and have a blast with her. also i live in missouri so keep it within a state or two. but dont hesitate to try, maybe i will come to you. Lets just give it a shot. i am willing.