Men in Algeria looking for love

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Single man, 21, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. I"m a university student , i like real relationships , i do sport ( all kinds) , i have humor sense , shy , respectfull , friendly. I"m looking forward to meet all people and enjoy ideas exchanges .i like to have friends from all around the world , but i would love to find true love here .
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Single man, 34, Algeria. My name is amin, very serious, humble, lovely, funny, i work hard. I"m seeking for something serious and real. i"m not here for games as what i really want is something very serious, someone who i can spend the rest of my life with and appreciate me for who i am. well i"m new to all this as i have never done this before you can easily write me if you wish to know anything about me. i"m here seeking for something serious someone who will really love me forever.
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Single man, 27, Algeria, Tlemcen Province, Tlemcen. I"m rezki assistant technical im very pasionate about travels, courios and always asking to know more , learning something new , enjoy specially with local people contact, i love that they show me his favorites places, culture and traditions, and come back home with many memories to tell. Meet people, relationship, amour, love, friendships, learning languages , something serious.
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Single man, 40, Algeria. What i can say about me , juste a simple man who love live live on all corners , search friends around the world ....i like travel is my desire. I look to meet people , around the world , exchange everythings is possible.
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Single man, 28, Algeria. Marry, go, sleep, bed, take, favor, love, eat, drink, comb.
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Single man, 26, Algeria, Annaba Province, Annaba. I am a normal man, kind, shy, loving, and i accept anyone who loves food films ... when we talk, tell more. I want a nice girl with me understand me and love me only.
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Single man, 24, Algeria. I"m a student . and i"m good guy .. i wanna marry a girl .. but girl she can know what the real meaning of love. I"m a muscular and i"m 1 m 86 cm . brown eyes. black hear . i can said cool perfect.
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Single man, 25, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. languages : english . french . russie . arab . amazighe. Polit . nice . knowing whats mean love or friendship .
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Single man, 29, Algeria. Love still exist for people who understand the meaning of life.
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Single man, 22, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. I good men i love parkour i travaille in café. I need a good women ho be with me forever.
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Single man, 25, Algeria. Love.
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Single man, 23, Algeria. Hey . i"m here for new friends i like to meet people from all of the world to discover new language i love learning other eople language . message me :). Just someone with since of advanture who want to meet people :).