Men in Oran Province looking for love

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Single man, 21, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. I"m a university student , i like real relationships , i do sport ( all kinds) , i have humor sense , shy , respectfull , friendly. I"m looking forward to meet all people and enjoy ideas exchanges .i like to have friends from all around the world , but i would love to find true love here .
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Single man, 25, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. languages : english . french . russie . arab . amazighe. Polit . nice . knowing whats mean love or friendship .
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Single man, 22, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. I good men i love parkour i travaille in café. I need a good women ho be with me forever.
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Single man, 25, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. I am study in the university 3rd year (informatique it is about computers and web sites and ...) i am single and am 21 . i look for a girl single to be my girlfriend and love her and marry her . Nice girl - understand me - love me - always be with me - support me-.
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Single man, 25, Algeria, Oran Province, Oran. Musician. Love to live.